Lathe Machine introduction and manufacturer

What is Lathe Machine?
Late is a machine tool that converts the workflow on the axis of the circle to perform multiple operations. Using a lathe machine, you can do a process like cutting, sorting, knurling, drilling, informing, fade, and rotate. The Machine can be used to shape the pottery, which is a potter’s wheel of simplified design. The lathe Machine is used in carpentry, metallurgy, metal spinning, thermal spraying, parts recovery, glasswork, and much more.


The Machine is manufactured as per the requirement of the customer. The 22 parts of lathe machine available include bed, Leadscrew, Guideways, Prime Mover, Transmission System, Headstock, Spindle, Chuck, Feed Gearbox, Thread Chasing Dial, Split Nut, Carriage, Slideways with Saddle, Compound Rest, Tool Post, Tailstock, Quill, Faceplate, Catchplate, mandrel, Steadyrest and Follower Rest.

Lathe machine has many parts such as a Bed, Chuck, Head Stock, Tool Post, Lead Screw, Carriage, Legs, Apron, Guide Ways, Spindle, Tailstock, Compound rest, Hand Wheel and Feed Rod. The lathe a one of the best widely used machine tools in whole the world.

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lathe machine manufacturer in Rajkot

Are you looking Lathe Machine Manufacturer in Rajkot? Then Rajkot Machine Tools is the best option for you. You know very well the main aim of lathe machine is to remove metal from the part. Rajkot machine tools is a great company who supply all kind of lathe machine manufacturer. Rajkot Machine tools is a manufacturer all type of lathe machine such as a Heavy duty lathe machine tools, Light Duty Lathe Machine, Medium Duty Lathe Machine, Extra Heavy Duty Lathe Machine, Heavy Duty Machine, Extra Heavy Duty Planer Bed, Shaping Machine, Milling Machine, Radial Drill Machine, Pillar Drill Machine, Power Press, Slotting Machine and Press Brake.

RMT is a Manufacturing Best quality lathe machines In Rajkot, Gujarat. You will get all the quality of the product at an affordable price. So, if you are thinking to buy a lathe machine, then Rajkot Machine Tools is a best for you Because there you will get quality of product at an affordable price.

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